Scared of the Queen

Scared of a beret and a black panther jacket
Turn a positive message into divisive racket
White wash history and clean up murder
So she took to the stage and made sure you heard her

Interrupted your game with some female brain power
Sent an earthquake to tear down that pretty white tower
Lifted up your veil, walked you into the light
But to stay in the dark, you kick and you fight

Stop killing us, what a thing to demand
You wish you fed her, so she wouldn’t bite the hand
But she feeds herself and a whole slew of others
Of girls and women, sisters and brothers

Wholesome fun you demand--beer, wings and ass
Uninterrupted misogynistic violence, not this filth and that trash
Let’s not think or dream or dare tell our stories
Not question the flow, not cause any worry

Too strong, too loud and most certainly too black
Too in-your-face, too can’t-take-it-back
Too keen on the truth, too quick to dream
You claim to be kings but you’re scared of The Queen