website copy 

Priced per page, worth every penny, and designed to move to your audience to action. (If you’d prefer to scrap the per-page structure, website copy can be charged at $110 per hour, with an estimate given in advance.)

Home or Service Pages

  • $250 for a page that includes up to 300 words

  • $375 for a page that includes up to 500 words

About Pages

  • $250 for a single person or overall company bio

  • $150 for each additional team member listed on the about page


  • $125 for 5 headlines (clever & witty, or simply optimized—whatever you’d prefer. For use on contact page, portfolio page, etc.)

  • $75 for a 2-3 sentence intro (for use on blog, shop, portfolio, etc.)


My brand voice guides help you hone your distinct brand voice, offer up easy-to-follow tips for talking to your audience (including variations in tone should you have multiple audiences), and include copy samples you can use time and sweet time again. Of all the services I provide, this is the one that most often sends clients to happy tears (true story).

  • $500 per guide


Whether you’re hoping to drive traffic to your site or position yourself as an industry thought leader (or both), I’ll get to know your goals for your blog—and waste no time churning out effective, engaging, optimized content on your brand’s behalf. (Note blogs are not offered a-la-carte. Clients are responsible for providing topics and short bullet points. Should you need me to brainstorm topics and create outlines, I am happy to do so for my hourly rate of $110.)

500-word posts

  • 5 posts for $750

  • 10 posts for $1,400

1,000-word posts

  • 5 posts for $1,000

  • 10 posts for $1,900


From Google ads to promoted Instagram posts, I offer copywriting services for an array of paid placement options.

  • $110 per hour


You provide the images. I provide the captions (and all of the wit you want).

  • $20 per caption—minimum purchase of 10 captions.


If you’re absolutely paralyzed at the thought of writing about yourself, my bio writing service is all you. Ready to land that dream job? You’ll want a resume that’s free of typos and carefully crafted to mirror the job-listing language. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I do.


  • Basic bio: $250

  • LinkedIn profile: $250

  • Social media bio: $90

Resumes & Cover Letters

  • $500 for full resume copywriting & design (My resume designs are streamlined, stunning & endlessly effective—reach out to request a sample.)

  • $250 for resume & cover letter edit/suggestions

  • $750 for full resume copywriting & design + cover letter writing


Mic drop, here you come. I’ve had clients call my speechwriting service “magic”—and it’s been known to drive a few audiences to tears. From wedding speechwriting to political speechwriting, I’ll make sure you sound believable (and, frankly, badass) behind the mic.

  • $250 per hour


Have something else in mind? You clever thing, you. All hourly work (outside of speech writing) is charged at $110 per hour, with estimates always given in advance.