What To Expect When Working with a Copywriter

When it comes to working with a copywriter, people often don’t know what to expect. (Is it going to break the bank? How can you write about my business if you’re not a part of it? Are you some sort of mythical creature who has pencils for fingers?) Today, then, I’m breaking down all there is to know about my process, services, and—yes—what in the heck I charge. Read on for all you need to know about hiring a copywriter to bring your content dreams to brand-building fruition.

What can a copywriter write for me?

A great copywriter can help you with any (and all) of your content needs. In today’s world, that means digital and print—everything from sales brochures to Google AdWords. If you need something written on behalf of your brand—whether it’s an Instagram bio or an FAQs page—a copywriter (🙋🏻‍♀️) can write it.

The most popular services I offer include:

  • Website Copy

    • An entire website from scratch

    • A refresh or copyedit of an existing website

    • A-la-carte copy for individual pages. The most popular pages tend to be:

      • About pages

      • FAQ pages

      • Services pages

  • Brand Development Copy

    • Brand voice-and-messaging guides

    • Company mission, vision, and values

    • Company “belief” statements

  • Public Relations Copy

    • Award Entries

    • Press Releases

    • Boilerplates

  • Blog Posts

    • A “bundle” of blog posts for a flat rate

    • A-la-carte blog posts on an as-needed basis, billed hourly

  • Bios

    • LinkedIn bios

    • About pages

    • Company bios

    • Instagram bios (say what?)

  • Advertisements

    • Creative concept + copy

    • Copy based on predetermined creative concept

    • Headlines & body copy

    • Print ad copy

    • Digital ad copy:

      • Banner Ads

      • Instagram Ads

      • Facebook Ads & Boosted Posts

      • Google AdWords

What if I need something a little...out-of-the-box?

Out-of-the-box, you say? Bring it on, I say. I’ve had people reach out to me for everything from college entry essays to wedding vows to cowboy poetry (yee-haw!). While I’ve been writing for businesses for seven years, I’ve been writing creatively for as long as I can remember.

The craziest copywriting projects are often my favorite ones. Whether you need an impactful speech, a playful love poem, or an apology letter, I’m game to tackle it.

What does copywriting cost, and how does billing work?

Once I understand your project needs, I’ll develop a detailed estimate and we can decide to work on a flat-rate, retainer-based, or hourly basis. For flat-rates and retainer work, I bill before beginning the work. For ongoing hourly work, I bill at the end of each month for that month’s hours. Average hourly rates on the west coast for copywriting range from $35-$150—I charge $110 per hour. My flat project rates are determined by estimating the hourly project fee and then offering a discount on top of that. Clients can easily pay my invoices either online or by mailing a check to the address listed.

Gratuity in the form of volunteers to walk the office dog (it’s akin to walking a hyena) are always appreciated for those who are especially pleased with my work.

How does the process work?

Every project is different, so I offer an initial pro-bono 30-minute consultation in order to learn about your business and project goals, as well as answer any questions you have. From there, I’ll develop a detailed project quote for you. If you decide to hire me, we’ll decide on a deadline and list of deliverables before I send over a contract and get to work on your brand’s behalf.

My industry is complicated—are you sure you can write for it?

From state-based healthcare to public flood projects to medical desiccants to industrial hay-drying services (you read that right), I’ve written across a wide (read: really wide) array of nuanced industries. While every industry varies—project goals tend to be more or less the same: to engage your target audience and build your brand with effective content and copy.

As long as I know who your target audience includes, what your brand promise is, and how you’d like your voice to sound, I can tackle any project—no matter how nuanced the industry—with confidence.

The more information you can provide me, the better—as it’s important I get to know your brand before writing on its behalf. At the same time, I’m totally capable of drawing blood from a stone—so, even if you don’t have a ton to work with, I’m still able to create engaging content for your brand or business.

I don’t know how I want my brand voice to sound. Can you help with that?

Of course! Helping a client develop their brand voice is one of my favorite things to do. If you’d like some help developing your voice, I recommend a brand voice and messaging guide (a foundational strategy document that outlines your brand voice, tone, and promises). Whether you want to sound playful or professional—or a little bit of both—I'll work with you to develop a brand voice and messaging guide that lays out how your brand voice sounds, gives you practical advice for speaking to your audience, and is chock-full of brand promises and copy samples.

I’m a brand-new business and am pretty green to marketing, can you help?

First rodeo? Yee-haw! I don’t expect any of my clients to be marketing pros—in fact, for many of my clients, I’m their team’s first (or only) outsourced contractor. I’m happy to work with those who are green to copywriting and marketing—and am always willing to answer any questions you have along the way to ensure you’re comfortable with the process and happy with the final product.

Do your services include SEO?

While I don’t develop SEO plans for clients, I can suggest SEO keywords for blog posts or web pages (and write content around them) when requested for an additional fee. I also have clients who already have an in-house or contracted SEO expert—in those cases, I’m happy to work with any information and keywords your SEO person provides.

Do you work with ad agencies directly?

I do! Some of my longest standing clients are ad agencies who use me regularly as part of their team. While I’m not currently seeking an in-house position at an agency, if you’re an ad agency looking to add a remote copywriter to your team on a by-project or monthly-retainer basis, reach out today and we’ll set up a time to chat.

What if I need other services, too?

While my copywriting services are mainly limited to the copy-and-content arena, I do have other pros who I work with regularly and love to recommend for things like marketing direction, photography, and graphic design.

Feel free to let me know if you need recommendations in other arenas, and I’ll do my best to recommend pros who I know and trust.

Can I advertise you as part of my team?

Some of the advertising agencies and businesses I work with like to advertise me on their website as part of their team on their about page. While I’m more than grateful to clients who refer me to others (it’s how I eat, after all), I ask that clients only include me on their website as their copywriter if we work together on a regular, monthly-retainer basis and if we’ve agreed to this advance.

Overall, working with a copywriter to develop content for your brand should always be a seamless and stress-free process. If you have more questions about my services or process, or want to start chatting copy needs, reach out to me today and we’ll get started crafting effective content on your brand’s behalf.